IceBlind Iced Gold Grillz
IceBlind Iced Gold Grillz
IceBlind Iced Gold Grillz

IceBlind Iced Gold Grillz

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  • Diamonds: Flawless VVS Simulated Diamonds (Certified CZ Diamonds 5A+)
  • Rust/Fade, Scratch Resistant Technology
  • Premium long-lasting materials
  • BRAND: IceClique


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Customer Reviews

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J_dub Jones
Honest Truth About "ICE CLICKS" Grillz

What up Ice Clique and associates.......keep it up with the great products and good deals.......Ok IceClick Customers...... So i'm a little late on typing up and posting a review for this company and their product.....well the products that I purchased from them anyhow. That Being Two different pair of their Grill setz. Ok so I ordered 2 setzs of their Grillz ....... Although it did take several weeks for my products to arrive "approx. 5weeks" I was nearly about to file a dispute for a refund....but I gave it a little more time and it had now soon as I eagerly make it inside my home I open them up and was very pleased with the appearance and looks right away.......the Gold Tone/ Plating was right and the stones or cz's we're all nicely set ~GET THIS YO~ the stones are actually set in breathing holes " not typical for generic or accent stones" So that being a positive I was now ready to fit them and test the comfort and find out the quality/durability of them. Now Listen Reviewers cause this is the truth ... I only use the Grillz on my top teeth ~ I had molded and fitted all four the day I received them. They were all comfortably molded and perfected of any excess/visible mold...... I wear these Grillz religiously everyday only removing them to eat, when I clean them, and occasionally when I sleep. I'm not either 16hrs a day at the least......For now going on 8 months and here's my results........I've only used the two top plates from the sets........the first one I wore 5months straight before loosing "never lost one stone, only slightly started to fade it's gold" but still looked amazing for how much and how long I wore it PLUS ITS SILVER TONE UNDERNEATH not brass/bronze like most replica grillz......Which this is another POSITIVE for this company's Grillz 👍 Been 3 months now wearing my other top plate......I have lost two stones, and same discoloration is becoming slightly visible............BUT I'MA SAY THIS........I'm completely satisfied with their GRILLZ and will most definitely be buying from them again while promoting and supporting their Grillz 💯. Do wish they had more of a selection and designs to choose from........and I wish they sold the top and bottom individually.........What's up ICE CLIQUE? 👍✌️

Kd Capalot
The best grills

Fantastic grills i got me a new girl with them on.

They are great

I like them but I wish they was an extra molding gel for them

Liam O.

Very comfortable grillz.

Ian K.
snowblind bby

So good, CZ stones on these are real shiny and the fact that there are so many of them just makes it so much better.

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