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Money well spent!!!!

Nice Watch

I love this watch everyone be looking at Lol sometimes people be asking where i get it from I told them iceclique they say that watch is icy Lol

Iced Demon Pendant
Kalifa Lawson
Where’s my Cuban ???

Hey I love the pendant it’s awesome but it came with only the little free chain I ordered the White Gold pendant with the White Gold Cuban link 18” please I’ve emailed you from my purchase email a few times about it [****] I can’t wear this big Piece on the little chain I need what I paid for if you could send my Cuban link that would be great


I love my custom YM Piece it gets lots of compliments an it hit so hard under lights.

Love this

It's the best thing going on right now just how long it took to get but it's was worth the wait

Best places

Cuban chain and Cuban bracelet

Man this is on fire I done got compliments out the ying yang

Pendant came yesterday

Chain and pendant came on time
Definitely will be doing more business with y'all very soon

Would buy again!!!

Jewelry bundle came in today and I absolutely LOVE it!! Took about 3 weeks to get here which I already expected due to other reviews but it was well worth the wait. Has nice weight to it and the best sparkle. If I could change one thing it would be more durable O rings on the clasps but other than that totally happy customer. Would definitely buy again!!

Fully Iced Star Ring
Michael Crosby
Got some beautiful Jerry display make everything you got

I thank you for the catalogs of your display of Jerry everything is beautiful and excellent looking forward to keep doing business with you

Custom pendant necklace is amazing!!

If you want to be different from other ppl and there pendants then it’s a must buy

Very satisfied with what I got actually better than what I thought most definitely ordering another one


This chain was a gift to my long distance partner. He loved it. It arrived within a week of ordering and tracking the package was made easy. It shines very bright without a flashlight or very bright lighting. And the materials are very good and durable quality. Not fake or unauthentic looking. Definitely should purchase no hesitation.

Great weight look’s great

I like the weight of the products …. The 1month and half was the wait for me and I live in California


This chain is the one I been looking for what website I need to get connected to the owner and become good friends with him and give that jewelry specialist a big thank you and all that because I’m definitely buying more for my label and I will be promoting and all that and buying more from this website

Wirth the wait

Took a minute to get to me but omg what a beautiful set. Who wouldn't be pleased with such remarkable jewelry at such a reasonable price. NOONE should have anything negative to say about this company. Yes shipping takes time but my package made it and was everything they said it would be. Thanks again!

Best pendant I've bought

I bought a custom Dolph Pendant a couple months ago for his passing and everyone loves it and have gotten so many compliments

IceClique Cuban Chain & Cuban Bracelet Set - 80% OFF - Today Only
Looks authentic

These pieces look good especially if you wear them with designer clothing or designer accessories like sunglasses and hats. Celebrities have been doing this for years and so can you. Iceclique jewelry looks authentic and I’ve worn actual white gold pieces with Iceclique chains and no one even questions it. Most of us know that CZ looks better than real diamonds. A lab created diamond can be made perfect without any inclusions for a fraction of the price of a flawless actual diamond. So why buy real diamonds? This is the way to go Iceclique. Proper drip for proper price.

My birthday gift

My ring & earring set finally came luv my earrings also got a lot of compliments on them as well will definitely be modeling these earrings & my ring so when people asked me where I got’em from I’ll tell them IceCIique

Iced Baguette Ring
Macio Watts
My new jeweler’s

Just got my ring & I love it looks really good on me & got plenty of compliments on it as well. Only problem taking to long to arrive but it was worth the wait. So far so good now I’m just waiting on my watch & necklace to get here now.

Love the product

I definitely should of got a bigger size chain but the bracelet fits perfect definitely will be buying more in the future.🔥

Rotating Custom Pendant
HYK chain

The chain came in and great quality love the design it's perfect

Just got both orders

Thank u 🙏🏾 and I love ❤️ your creative on my custom I’m please patients is a plus🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️💯💯 Las Vegas I’m from we luv to shine