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not gunna cap this shit type fiya

3mm Rope Chain
Theresa Tuiavii
Excited 🥰

Loved it ordering more fosho

Real Mf Deal

I love the Prong chain, I bought 2 chains and they came in the same day, had to wait about 3 weeks but it was worth it man🔥 the 8 inch bracelets are a kinda tight on my wrist but 10 outta 10 for the chains💯

Exactly as advertised, will be shopping with iceclique again for sure.

Received so many compliments on this, love it

super fast shipping, had a problem with my order and customer support dealt with it right away

Can't beat it at this price, great quality too.

Love it, the diamonds are dancing

I got my order today 🤗 it look sooo good .Actually looks better then the picture .I will order again thanks .😜🔥🔥

This set on fire 🔥

Buy its fabulous

It's perfect 🥰 - to 2.5 weeks BE PATIENT

2.5 weeks to get to Miami. The shipping tracker on the website ACTUALLY WORKS, but don't get fucking obsessive---> if you're anything like me you're checking every 2-3 days... don't do that... Its coming, it'll get there, breathe!!!! 😤😤😤😤 the shipping takes what seems like forever but just do yourself a favor and put an outfit together for the future and plan to take yourself out in 2.5-3 weeks. Just CHILLLLL. The piece is solid, it shines bright, it feels good and it's great work. You know that green shit they sell at the mall to Clean jewelry.... oh yeah, buy some and enjoy that gorgeous shine when it's time to clean it--> I clean my jewelry when I get it... just personal preference but it shines excellently by itself out of the box 📦. I wore it to the gym and all... I had to lol 😆 😝 Listen--> make sure you get the right bracelet/ necklace size.. returns are gonna take time and you'll have to pay for the shipping cost. Better to get it right the 1st time.

Love It!

Shipping took a while, but it was worth the wait. I ended up buying another bundle

My boyfriend got this as an early birthday gift I’m in love with it.

Good product

I recently received my chain and bracelet and I'm impressed it's exactly what they said. Although 16 chain is to small however I still love it and I will be buying more from their website. Great job I truly like it ✊✊✊✊✊


So I had heard of this company thru ads on the gram an FB an snap but kinda wrote them off….then I was at a friends house while his gf was throwing a party to show off her new summer stock for sale….she had a bingo raffle setup I enter an ended up winning the 20mm Cuban link chain!!!!!……an omg I’m now a huge fan an going to begin to fill my jewelry stand with all differnt things nxt is a custom pendant!!!!!

Still looks great

This set is amazing. Very happy with the set.
Not so happy with my ring

Greatest chain ever.

I really like this chain and bracelet combo. I got a really good deal and the prices are really good. They shine really well and I feel really good when I'm wearing them. I've gotten compliments on my jewelry from ice clique, And I recommend this jewelry to other people.

Bust Down Cali Watch
Robert Delane

The diamonds shine like a light!

The glasses are actually really nice. Better than I thought it was gonna be.
I mess wit em.


My boys @Iceclique got ur boy busted couple extra dollars for the VVS 💎 DIAMONDS NO CZs but they did right🥶🥶🥶🥶 Making icebox look badd!!!

Worth the wait look and feel great

The chain looks great and feel great but I order the wrong size on the bracelet I need to reorder a bigger size.

Go Get 1

Stop blinding me with your watch or put ur arm all the way bust dwn...I'll b getting my chain next

Lots of compliments

Love The chain and bracelet. I get a lot of compliments day and night that’s how much it’s shines.

The Jewelery GOAT

Will never buy from anywhere else. Totally legit!!

Watch going stupid

Cuban link set 5mm tennis chain set and my watch was worth the wait and the price! Will keep shopping with you guys thanks for the promo and discounts would like to be a brand ambassador for you guys. Thank you